Customer Service

We deliver the best client experience

Our core business at EtimeSource is to provide top-notch solutions that redefine our customer’s experience. We prioritize excellent customer service. Regardless of your location and time zone, our courteous consultants are available to assist you with your questions. Our exciting solutions boost customer service experience. Some of our client management solutions are:

Non-Voice Support

We provide chat support and customized email responses for delivering quick solutions to client’s queries.

Billing services/Collection Support

We assist our clients in improving their bottom line and minimizing errors.

Technical Support

We simplify complexity and offer rare technical support to our clients globally.

Sales Support

We are known for delivering outbound and inbound sales support solutions. Our team is available to design various types of web-based support ranging from welcome call-back, co-browsing, to chat.

AI support services

Just as Artificial intelligence is presently augmenting the roles of client relationship managers, we have aligned ourselves with these realities. We design AI support services such as Augmenting messaging, AI for routing and sorting support queries, and AI for optimized phone support.

We understand the impact of artificial intelligence in providing the best support services for our clients in US, UK, Australia, Europe, and Asia. Our global dedicated team is available to supply you detailed information as soon as you contact.

Want to simplify your business operation processes, Call us today!

The business environment is becoming complex with changing technological trends and new direction to work-freelancing and coworking. We streamline your business processes, and improve workflow, assess the whole operation from top to bottom, identifying areas of improvement. We are available to fulfill your requests.