Accounting and Finance

Let’s manage your bookkeeping burden

Bookkeeping, payroll processing, Accounting, Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payable, Tax Preparation, and compliance, etc. are some out of many crucial accounting and finance services managed by several businesses everyday. As important as they are, they are complicated and time-consuming when they are not subcontracted. eTimesource can assist you in handling your accounting headaches by making available an accurate and streamlined accounting solution by qualified CPA at reasonable costs.


Subcontracting accounting and finance services to a professional like us can enable you to access detailed and accurate accounting data at low cost. This will assist you in making proactive business decisions that give you a competitive edge. Our team of accounting professionals includes specialized bookkeepers and  CPA, tax preparers who understand IRS compliance, US patriot act, financial information security policies, and tax preparation. They have been providing accounting solutions to our clients in US, UK, Australia, and Europe for over 15 years.


Our core business is to update your book leveraging the expertise of our competent team. We update your book while you sleep, and get it ready before you get to office thanks to the time zone difference.


eTimesource provides cost-effective accounting and finance solutions, which include:

Preparation of your financial statements

This is very crucial to the health of your business. You can save yourself the labor and hire us to grow your business. Our solution covers profit/loss a/c, cash flow statements, trial balances, financial statement analysis, and balance sheets.

General Bookkeeping Services

Most business owners are passionate about their products and services, but find bookkeeping a tedious chore. It could be annoying if you don’t know your onions.At eTimesource, we would relieve you of this tedious chore and assume the challenging role of keeping and updating your book.

Tax Preparation

You don’t need to worry about missing the deadline or finding a tax preparer. We understand the taxation policies in your country, and we work on appreciating every aspect. We would assist you in filing and preparing your tax.

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The business environment is becoming complex with changing technological trends and new direction to work-freelancing and coworking. We streamline your business processes, and improve workflow, assess the whole operation from top to bottom, identifying areas of improvement. We are available to fulfill your requests.