7 Fundamental Criteria of Contract management

Contract management can be defined as the process that involves administering contracts between a company( for instance,eTimesource) and its vendors (clients). Seven essential criteria that makeup contract management 1. Creation: A lot of companies work from standard established contracts; nevertheless, they are required to be instituted or created and then revamped as negotiations occur. 2. Negotiation: Contracts […]

The Benefits of Outsourcing Recruitment

For an SME as for a large firm, each job can be a real challenge. Indeed, it depends on the results of the company, especially when it comes to recruitment in one of the key positions, especially in the commercial, marketing, production, etc. In order to find the ideal candidate, many companies resort to outsourcing […]

How to Hire the Best Contract Management Consultant?

A qualified contract management consultant is one of the several roles a director or manager can assume. Every business will require an external consultant to oversee a business requirement or a project at a given period. How do you identify the best contract management expert that understands your business needs and complexities? The first thing […]

Five Things You Need To Know About Hiring Subcontractors

If you have more freelance work or you need to supplement your IT and Non-IT staff, the solution is to hire subcontractors. However, before you make the offer, read these five things that are essential to hiring experienced subcontractors. 1. Take Responsibility The action or inaction of your subcontractor affects you directly. The rule of […]

How HR Outsourcing Services Helps in Growing Businesses

Today, companies that are rapidly moving from a few dozen employees to a few hundred are changing the organizational order of magnitude, face problems that are specific to each but have certain common points. Regulatory constraints change, the ways of working evolve, the culture of the company is transformed. And the risks multiply. Many of […]